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dive tour

isla tortuga & cabuya

Private Dive Boat Tour to Tortuga Island


Our Private Dive Tour is perfect for 2 or 3 friends or families. It is a beautiful   5 -hour ride starting from the Bahia Ballena pier at 8.30 ,in our  27f  boat,with a new outboard motor,  that will take you to different and  incredible experiences. .

We will dive in  Tortuga Island  in 2 different places, depending on the climatic conditions and the experience of the divers , and will provide you with all the equipment and an Instructor as a guide. Normally we will visit and rest in  2 beautiful white sand beaches ,between the two dives.

 It is also possible that we can see incredible humpback whales, or dolphins or turtles in the course of our trip,depending on the season and luck.

We include: tropical fruit, pizza, and fruit tart
Natural juices, cold tea, beers and water.

All this taken care of by our Crew


Tortuga Island Dive Sites


Aquarium (El Acuario):

The site gets its’ name from the huge quantity and variety of tropical fish which surround the divers during their immersion. The area is comprised of canyons and large ‘elephant ear’ corals. The depth ranges from 3 to 21  meters making this an excellent site for divers of all levels of experience.

Bye Bye Reef:

This exciting “drift dive” follows a current that takes you past large volcanic rock walls on the east tip of Tortuga Island. In addition to the usual mix of tropical fish, here you will come across many Spotted Jacks, Manta Rays and Eagle Rays.


The Spanish word for canyons, this site was appropriately named due to the numerous canyons that cover the ocean floor. While exploring the crevasses and caves you will find many lobsters, various types of Moray Eels and Parrotfish. The depth ranges between 5 and 25 meters and has excellent visibility. It is also common to spot Turtles and Southern Stingrays.

Franklin Chang Wreck Dive:

This recent wreck is lays on the ocean floor at a depth of 23 meters with its’ top reaching up to 17 meters below the surface. The wreck is quickly presenting more and more marine life like hundred of different Snappers and Jacks.

La Cueva

– “The Cave” – This is the spot where you’re most likely to see 2-3 white tip reef sharks .


– Shallow dive of 7-15m. Good for beginners. Lots of fish. Great area for snorkeling as well in case someone in your group doesn’t want to scuba.

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